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Compassionate Veterinary Care



This 18-month-old Beagle mix was brought into the shelter by the Stockton Police Department, who'd found him running in circles backward and completely terrified of people. His initial medical assessment showed he was underweight, had a double ear infection, diarrhea, worms and was neurologic from severe head trauma. He was treated with fluids, dewormer, and pain medication, but after a couple of days, it was clear that the noise at the shelter was making it difficult for him to recover from his head trauma. So, one of our staff members brought him home to convalesce in a quieter space. After a month of his in-home recovery, this pup - now named Thor by the staff member's 5-year-old daughter - became a goofy, playful, and loving member of the family. He's now living his best life with his 4 other doggie brothers and sisters (all rescues themselves), enjoying plenty of wrestle and cuddle time, and long walks along the Sacramento river!

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